Makeup Edit for Weekend Away

I’m going to the inaugural Fresh camp this weekend and I thought it would be a great idea to show you how I pack/edit my makeup for a weekend away. I used to go away for staycations and short trips with my friends all the time so I’m pretty used to packing like this. For me, my philosophy is - nothing too expensive I’d be sad to lose, only tried and true products! I only bring things that i KNOW i WILL use, no fancy new bits and bobs or newfangled products I haven’t used for at least a week before. Because by the sheer fate and way the world works - it will fail on me.

So this is what I’ve edited down to:


1 med-full coverage foundation

For me right now that is the Too Faced Born this way, I have the full sized but I still have the sampler from when I was trialing it.

1 tinted moisturiser or bb with spf of at least 30+

Nars Velvet Skin Tint is absolutely loveeellllyyyyyy and I think it’s perfect for this weather, again I have the sampler from Mecca. Don’t be afraid to go to Mecca and ask for samples! Or keep the sample jars and decant your usual products in, they’re the perfect size for 2-3 uses!

1 small tin of setting powder

Innisfree’s mineral powder is lovely, light, keeps me matte and doesn’t flash back too much in photos


Maybelline FitMe is my usual concealer for undereye and blemishes, nothing fancy.

Nars Orgasm x Laguna (mini)

I got this sample from a kit a while back and I absolutely LOVE it for travelling, it’s a good size and really sturdy

Colourpop Highlighter in Lunchmoney

A great no-makeup makeup essential and an absolute gem because it’s such a hard multitasker

LA Girl Strobe Lite

A really gorgeous highlighter I’ve yet to review but the finish is beautiful and similar to ABH Sunburst. Also it’s a LOT lighter in weight than all my other individual highlighters or kits (ha! Like I would EVER take my ABH glowkit)


Anastasia Beverly Hills Quad

Dash made me this from a few of her duplicate shades and it’s perfectly made up of 4 neutrals I wear all the time so it’s perfect

ELF eyebrow Kit

Literally one of the only products I’ve used consistently since I was a teenager

Covergirl Lashblast Fusion

Hands down, one of my favourite budget mascaras, it’s a rich creamy formula, doesn’t flake or clump and best of all it does not smudge


1 non tinted balm

Again a multitasker. I have Glossier BalmDotCom pictured but I prefer Aquaphor because I can use it on cuts/dry bits as well as lips

1 red tinted balm

Hurraw balm is sooo gorgeous, raw, vegan and one of my favs. I have so many in different tints and flavours

1 light matte liquid lip

KVD Bow’n’Arrow is sooooo perfect for this. Wearable and comfortable for day to day wear.

1 bright matte liquid lip

Sephora Luster Matte in Orchid. I normally veer towards a red but I looked at my wardrobe and I think a bright pink would suit better.


Only what I would call the essentials LOL: foundation buffer, tapered brush for under-eye setting/highlighting, eyebrow spoolie, contour brush

1 perfume

I absolutely would LOVE to bring my Le Labo Santal but absolutely would chuck a tantrum if I damaged it in anyway so this cheaper dupe is perfect. I also would definitely advocate a rollerball or mini spritzer.

This is for a weekend but I think I would pack the exact same stuff for a week away.

Le Labo Santal 33 Review and some great news for Melbournians!

Le Labo’s Santal 33 is one of those fragrances that stalked me until I bought it. It followed me from every rooftop bar in New York, boutique in Los Angeles and salon in Melbourne until I finally caved. I actually bought a very similar ‘dupe’ called Book by Commodity Fragrances but honestly despite my review when I first bought it, my love for it still was overshadowed by my obsession with the OG Santal.

When I realised that I had exactly $270 to spend to keep my spend level as a Mecca Loop member I knew that it was a sign that I should finally bite the bullet and get it. OMG AND IT WAS SO WORTH IT. The top notes smells the same as BOOK but my oh my do the differences begin to appear after a few hours. I would say with BOOK, I got an average of 4-5 hours wear before it gets kind of dull and with Le Labo I find the different notes come out at different times. You definitely start with a huge hit of sandalwood for both but when I shower or smell my clothes after work I find BOOK tends to smell kind of spicy but Santal smells like a damn Birkin (incredibly expensive leather).

Something about that little bit of difference makes Santal so much better than BOOK for me. Now that I have both I’ll use Santal for an evening out or on my frequently worn blazers and sweaters but I’ll use BOOK if I’m just stepping out a few running errands (edit. I’ve started wearing it to the gym too). I also really like to spray my perfume in my hair just because I love the way the scent gets thrown around again when I toss or flip my hair. 

The whole buying experience for Le Labo fragrances is as decadent as the scents themselves. You probably know by now I’m an absolute sucker for a customised product. I got my perfume at Mecca in Myer Bourke St and I was able to get the label and packaging customised with my own message/name and I also asked for the date changed to my birthday. During the packing process I also noticed the SA spray copious amounts of the perfume all over the box and the tissue paper padding as well, no expenses spared!

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 1.04.40 pm.png

Unfortunately up until now, Mecca Myer and Armadale were the only places you could get the customisation done. HOWEVER! It was just announced this week that Le Labo will be opening a flagship store in Melbourne in the coming months. The store will stock all of the scents in all its forms, perfume, oils, candles and ever laundry detergents (I aspire to live the kind of life that deserve an $80 bottle of sandalwood laundry detergent. Perhaps one of the best elements of the flagship is the perfume mixologists on hand to mix your chosen scent for you on the spot and of course all labels will be customised. Unsurprisingly, the new store will be on Gertrude Street in Fitzroy, an area is seriously becoming the East Village of Melbourne. 

Sun damage? Not here

Growing up in Australia, sun, sunburn and sun damage is something that comes up constantly. From the “tanning is skin cells in trauma” ads to the frequent physical vs chemical sunscreen debate, we all KNOW enough about sun damage and sun protection but I still feel we don’t act on it enough (my self included TBH). I just had to talk a friend through sunburn aftercare after she got badly burnt at an outdoor wedding we both attended. Being Asian I’m not as susceptible to burning as some however I have been sunburnt quiet badly a handful of times; mostly in “oh shit! I forgot you need sunscreen there” places like right up on your butt, on your boobs and near the hairline on the nape of your neck. But my burns only last 2-3 days and turn into nice tans and I never really thought much about it. That is until I took my mum for a facial not long ago and heard the esthetician discuss her sun damage with her, in my head an alarm went off like “shit son, that’s you in 30 years”. Since then I’ve taken sun protection a bit more seriously, investing in a few products that’ll make it a whole lot easier to be a whole lot more careful in the sun.

The IT Cosmetics CC cream with spf50 is such a life-changing product. It’s a tinted cc cream that seriously changes the game. It’s a ‘complete’ numerous-products in one for me. I just put this on with a blending brush after toner in the morning and I am good to go. I can skip serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, primer and concealer. Absolutely amazing for me as I HATE layering products in the morning, like ain’t no body got time to wait for all the layers to dry!? It’s got a ton of coverage (medium foundation level) and such a high SPF count that I’ve rarely found in any other cosmetic product. I find that on most days, unless I have a break out, I can get away with not even using any concealer at all, rare for a foundation let along just a CC! The only downside to this is that the product is a bit more ‘dewy’ than I like, most of my base products are oil free/matte etc. and I do find I need a bit of powder to set this for a whole day’s wear.

Peter Thomas Roth Oily Problem Skin Instant Mineral SPF30 is another product that’s made me go “GAME CHANGER!” It’s a talc-free, mineral spf product that really helps to not only add sun protection but also mattifies the skin. Like I said above I hate layering a crap load of wet products on my face, especially for sunscreen because you need to reapply. This is just genius and makes those re-applications SO easy. It’s lightly tinted but I still prefer it OVER a base product rather than on its own. The only downside is the whack-af packaging, it seriously took me ages to figure out how to make the product work but once I figured the push/pull mechanism it’s worked a treat! 

As for the rest of my body I don’t have as many issues wearing/applying/reapplying sunscreen but I do have to say, Banana Boat’s Sport spf50 with ‘cool zone’ is absolutely amazing. Not only because they’ve made the application process a lot quicker but because the this version smells divine! It’s a really ‘high end’ scent that is crisp, clean and actually lasts ages. So much better than that classic talc-y sunscreen smell. It leaves a light moisturised feeling on skin and I have no problems layering this over tanning products. 

You don’t need to stress about it, you just need to make your makeup routine work harder!


Peter Thomas Roth Mask-a-holic Set

I’ve been eyeing off this kit for months! I’ve been hearing people rave about how amazing PTR face masks are left, right and centre. But since they’re all so pricey, each container containing huge amounts and there are so many of them, I’ve been holding off purchasing just one. At first I was considering just getting the Mask Sampler  but I could not find a way to get it shipped to me all the way here on the other side of the world! So when I saw this set  I just KNEW I had to get it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.02.12 pm.png

In terms of value for money you really can’t beat this. I got this for around $70 AUD + shipping and it comes with 5 jars of their most popular masks from PTR and not just tubes but actual 50ml jars! Considering each full sized product is about 150 ml and $60 AUD this was an absolute treat! Especially as I had wanted to try all of the different varieties (maybe except for the gold mask)

I’m going to review all of these individually but I must say, if you’re a mask-a-holic like me, you’d love this kit for multi masking. Each of these masks addresses such specific concerns and since my skin has been such a mixed bag lately I had an absolute ball multi masking. 

I’d admit you look like a right loon(like me) multi masking but it really is super effective to target each part of your face. Here I used Irish Moor Mud on my forehead and areas of concern for acne and pores, under my eyes I used the cucumber mask, around the corner of my eyes I used the gold mask and for the rest of my face I used the rose mask. I used the pumpkin mask the day before but I wouldn’t really multi-mask with it since it’s more of a scrub/peel than a mask. 


The numero uno mask from PTR dare I say? I’ve seen so many celebrities, and make up artists touting how amazingly hydrating this mask is. I have to say I definitely see the appeal! It’s got a lovely smell and it really is incredibly hydrating. I see why so many celebs have this as a pre red-carpet treat but I don’t really rate it higher than Korean sheet masks.

6/10 for the hydration


I have to admit I didn’t use this long enough or on an area big enough on my face to see its effects but I would say it’s got the same effects as the Rose mask, relaxing, hydrating and a nice pre-going out treat. Though I definitely wouldn’t vouch for its detoxifying or clarifying effects because to me…. realistically those effects can only come from clay masks/peel off masks.

5/10 for the cooling sensation 


Another popular one from PTR but I don’t have a wrinkle on my face to test out its anti-aging effects, it seriously feels VERY decadent though. Something about walking around, glistening that makes me feel like a 1920s lady of leisure. I might have to use my mum as guinea pig for proper testing of this, because to me as long it didn’t make me break out or have an allergic reaction I was fine. 

6/10 purely for its decadence 

Irish Moor Mud:

I loved this mask when I first put it on but the removal process was an absolute disaster. There were droplets of black water everywhere on my white counter. I thought this was going to be a peel of mask like most charcoal black masks or at least be able to be removed in chunks but I actually had to wash the gel off. I can’t say it had an astounding clarifying or pore tightening affect but my skin felt great afterward

7/10 it could’ve been an 8 if it was easier to take off


This was a wildcard and it blew me away! The first thing I thought was “wow is this a pumpkin spice latte in a mask form?” it smelt divine! There was a sweetness combined with the earthiness of the pumpkin and spices that seriously had my mouth watering. I’m not even normally a pumpkin spice kinda person! This was definitely very different from the other masks as it was more of a scrub (medium level abrasive) that you leave on as opposed to a gel or cream. I loved the way my skin felt after using it! I will admit I left it for much longer than recommended.

9/10 great for textural issues!

Like I said this is an amazing way to sample your way through the PTR range. I feel like some were doozies but I definitely found the one I love and want to purchase in full size so it did do what it was supposed to. I think a lot of people would LOVE the rose and cucumber masks more than me, just because I personally prefer a sheet mask or Korean sleeping mask for hydration. But hey! GO and test all these out for yourselves!

Style changing philosophy

When I was young I thought that having a ‘signature style’ that I stuck to for the rest of my life was key to ‘being stylish’. So from the age of 16-20 I literally wore the same thing in different colours. I loved high waisted skirts, delicate blouses, heels and red lipstick, anyone who followed my old blog would have known that. My so called ‘style philosophy’ was just ‘stick to what you know, don’t try anything new or trendy’. This was especially easy as I made about 70% of my clothes and I had tried and true dress maker’s patterns. But in the past 3 years I’ve definitely had the biggest change in my day to day style, I live in tees, I love a good pair of Acne jeans, and I’ve accumulated a really good collection of sneakers. Sometimes I think “omg 17 year old me would hate this outfit”, but if we lived our lives according to the views of our 17 year old selves we’d be screwed. 

Nowadays my style philosophy is ‘if you can put it on you can pull it off’. I love experimenting with different styles, vibes, brands. Nothing is too ‘not me’. If it’s flattering on me, and I feel confident in it, it’s a good outfit! Some of the items that I'm using to anchor my looks the coming month - OTK boots, bodysuits and wrap dresses/skirts/tops. A 'LA instagram model who may or may not be dating a rapper' vibe. 

White Christmas Recipe

When I say "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" I'm not talking about flurries of snow, chestnuts by the fire and fair isle sweaters..... I'm craving a slice of this traditional seasonal Australian treat. White Christmas is an Australian household favourite around Christmas, made traditionally with fried fruit, rice bubbles, powdered milk, icing sugar and Copha (a type of processed coconut oil)

My connection with this little slice of white Christmas goes way back. When we first moved to Australia, we really didn't have much of a concept of what Christmas was. In fact my parents were not thinking about celebrations at all, since they'd just hauled their family and all their belongings on a 14 hour flight across the world and were struggling to make rent. But one day, mum brought home a few chunks of this funny looking thing after a work function and I absolutely loved it. To an 8 year old me, this sugary, lumpy thing was pure joy! It really probably was the first 'festive' thing I ever participated in.

Fast forward 14 years later, I'm now making this for my friends, work and family. My recipe for this is probably not really ready to be posted here like this since it's more or less still in testing phase but everyone absolutely loved this batch so I thought why not jot it down. 

This is definitely far from a traditional white Christmas. I use a combination of white chocolate, Copha and sweetened condensed milk*. But the combination of ingredients makes it a little more 'melt in your mouth' and is packed with a few 'better for you' ingredients. 


1/2 cup mixed dried fruit (I like the addition of peel, it just adds a little extra Christmas zing)
2/3 cup loosely packed glacé cherries
1 cup rice bubbles
1/2 cup desiccated or shredded coconut
1/3 cup of crushed toasted almonds
1/4 cup goji berries
375g white chocolate chips
200g Copha or virgin coconut oil
3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk 


  1. Melt chocolate and Copha either in the microwave or on a double boiler
  2. Add in sweetened condensed milk, it doesn't matter if it splits a bit just mix as thoroughly as you can (no seriously I've freak out about the splits but it really does NOT make a huge difference when it's chilled and sliced)
  3. Combine and mix in all dry ingredients 
  4. Mix dry and wet ingredients all thoroughly
  5. Tip out into a lined rectangular pan (or for a no fuss serving option, just line and fill some muffin or mini muffin tins)
  6. Put aside into fridge for at least 5 hours, ideally overnight 
  7. Slice to your desired size

* I'm positive that just tweaking the ratio of the three makes for a more fudgey or firm slice. If you opt out on the Copha and use equal amounts of chocolate and sweetened condensed milk it'll definitely be like a White Christmas fudge. Equally, if you opt out on sweetened condensed milk and used the whole stick of Copha with some icing sugar it'll definitely be more like a traditional White Christmas. 



Review Colourpop Holiday Mini Kits:

Tis the season for gift giving fa la la la la la la la la! Every year I’ve struggled with choosing what to get my lovely friends for Christmas. “chocolates?" - too cliché. “perfume?”- too hard to get right.  “candles?” - no unless they’re Diptyque/Maison Marie Louis/Malin Goetz. “DIY gifts?” - too busy. This year it was so clear and simple; I’m getting everyone Colourpop products. I firmly believe in their products, the range is huge and they’re not too costly! I bought a bunch of singles as stocking stuffers but I really could not go past the Foxy and It’s Vintage kits. Both have mini 1/2 sized versions of some of my absolute favourite Ultra Mattes. These mini holiday kits are so perfect on their own or I’ve broken the lippies up according to what colours suit which friends and made little ‘face kits’. 


This kit has been a customer favourite for CP and I see it every few months as a seasonal/holiday offering. And it’s no wonder, as it contains a perfect array of their most popular offerings. Foxy contains Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, Creeper, More Better.  Beeper and Clueless, as many of us would know are dupes of Kylie Cosmetics’ Dolce and Candy respectively, with Beeper a very close dupe and Clueless just a little bit more pink-hued than Candy. I have had both Tulle and More Better has singles, Tulle is a gorgeous rich dark red and More Better is a deep violet tinged pink. Creeper is completely new to me, and I must say I am impressed! It’s a very vibrant red, leaning more towards an orangey undertone and it's very pigmented. Over all, a great kit for anyone who is new to Colourpop.

It’s Vintage

This is one of the new offerings from CP from their fall collection and I would say this is a perfect kit for lovers of vampy lippies. Filled with rich, dark burgundy and a gorgeous nude. The kit contains Bianca, Tulle, Notion, Love Bug, LAX. Most of these shades are new to me and I am LOVING. Bianca is a very true nude, slightly too pale for me but I can see this would be a perfect nude for anyone 1-2 shades lighter than me. Tulle I’ve mentioned above. Love Bug is the most amazing true terracotta that looks perfect on so many skin tones, I’m going to try and keep one for myself hehe. Notion is described as a rich red violet but on me it I would describe it as a rich burgundy wine. Last but not least, LAX is a rich, dramatic dark red that I think looks perfect for the cooler months. 

The size of these are absolutely perfect as gifts for friends who are a bit new to ultra matte lips as the feel of it is a bit strange for some or more of a ‘special occasion thing’ and I should also add that they are the perfect size for throwing into a clutch for a touch up (not that you really need to touch up Ultra Mattes). 

Ok at this point I must admit some defeat, I did not actually get the ‘holiday limited edition minis’. While they were absolutely gorgeous (frosted glass vials with matte black printing!) and contained a mix of both Ultra Mattes and Ultra Satins (HGs!) I bought two ‘batches’ of presents already and I really had to curb my holiday spending as I totally tend to go overboard!   


Kits are awesome, buy them for your friends! 

Spring Staples - Striped Tee

I’ve been trying to suss out my spring/summer transition aesthetic lately and it’s been so incredibly frustrating as we’ve had the coldest spring in decades and it’s totally killing the vibe! We've only had one warm day this month. Most years, by mid-late November I’m all about the skirts, shorts and sandals but unfortunately due to the weather I’m still stuck in my head to toe black, jeans and boots routine.

Striped tees have slowly made their way to being my favourite transition piece of the moment. They’re perfect under a blazer for work or a leather jacket for going out or a bomber literally any other day. They’re my fall – back pieces when I’m out of ideas on how to dress for the insanely temperamental weather

These are just some of my favourites in my wardrobe right now:


I’m pretty particular about the cut too, I love a 90s, shrunken / baby tee throwback, especially one with a high crew neck. Or I like them to be slightly oversized long enough, knotted or tucked into the front of my jeans. The only style I would say I’m not totally into is a deep V-neck. Something about striped V-necks that’s just really boring, unflattering, and frankly - basic . In fact, all medium to deep V-necks and crew-necks are a bit iffy for me. I’m very peculiar about cleave(age), either loads or none, something about just a tiny hint of it that is very unsophisticated. Like you’re trying too hard to fit in with the popular girls in grade 10. Commit to your cleavage ladies! COMMIT! Anyway here are some of my favourite striped tees I’ve combed the net for:

WIW to an engagement party

For the past year I’ve been really changing up my wardrobe and I’ve veered further and further away from colour, prints and anything ‘flowy’. So naturally I kind of freaked out when I got invited to an engagement party. Actually, no, I didn’t, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear from the moment my finger tips touchedthe invitation “black or white jumpsuit low pony” but I had no idea how and where to get the jumpsuit. A dress was completely out of the question. It took my 3 weeks of looking high and low for the perfect one “uh that’s too cara delevigne” “hmm too mesh-y” “ok but how do I pee in this?” and “ok that’s a unitard” were just some of the things I uttered. But then my eye landed on this Sloane Society number and that was that. I loved the stretchy comfortable fabric, the pockets (!!!) and the feminine lace on the top. It ticked all the boxes and my choker complimented it perfectly. 


Floral-Free Zone

As the majority of you are heading back to school for the fall semester, spring is fast approaching here in the southern hemisphere. We had our first 20℃ day today and I was absolutely beside myself with excitement! I've been thinking long and hard about my spring aesthetic this year, and while I can't say there's anything I'm dying to wear, one thing's for sure - no florals. 

I know, it's overused but seriously - I cannot see myself wearing florals in the near future. I've got a class in the late afternoon and a Connect Group hang with my FreshChurch baes later tonight so I've kept it pretty simple and comfortable. Black x black x black! Partly inspired by Halsey backstage at Outside Lands. 

Bodysuit: American Apparel, Jeans: Acne Studios, Creepers: Public Desire, Bomber: Topshop, Backpack: Vintage, Chokers: My own design

Review + Swatches: NYX lip haul

Fellow Australian NYX lovers, rejoice! Our favourite American drug store brand is finally available in drugstores in Australia too. Target used to have a limited collection of a handful of products in usually VERY limited colours and finding popular products like the Soft Matte Lip Cream was an absolute nightmare. Not anymore! Priceline has the largest range of NYX products across Australia! And boy, oh, boy, did I stock up….
(reviews below the images x)

Swatches in natural indoor light

Swatches in natural indoor light

Swatches in sunlight

Swatches in sunlight

Liquid Suede Cream in Sandstorm

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Buuuuuuuuuuuut, this is the exact same shade on my lips as the KVD Bow’n’Arrow. Exactly the same wear time, very similar texture, and ease if application. It’s definitely the perfect dupe for anyone who doesn’t want to spend twice for half as much for the KVD. 

Liquid Suede Cream in Soft-Spoken

Again with the KVD dupe! I don’t have the OG KVD Lolita, I only have Lolita II so I haven’t had a chance to do side by swatches but judging by swatches online this is dead set a dupe for Lolita. 

LipLingerie in Push Up

Nop. Nop. Nop. Nop. Not one of my good choices at all. First of all, the swatch I did in store on my arm looks very different to how it looks on my lips. On my swatch I was convinced this was more of a warm rose-nude. But unfortunately it counteracts with my yellow undertones and washed me out. That’s not the worst thing either, the texture of this is not ideal. It was sticky but drying. It’s not like Suede cream (below) which while it doesn’t set, it has great slip wears comfortable. With the LipLlingerie, my lips felt tight like when wearing a matte liquid, but at the same time, every time I talked, I could feel my lips sticking. I don’t know if it is just my colour, or this batch but it was definitely unpleasant.  

Soft Matte Lip Cream in London

This formula was my first go-to matte lip cream. Texture wise, straight out of the bottle it is very creamy and mousse-y, the pigmentation varies but most of the time they’re very opaque and doesn’t go on streaky. For some of the shades (especially lighter ones) I find that I do benefit from another layer. That said, my lips are very pigmented naturally (when I wear Soft Spoken, you almost can’t tell I’ve put lipstick on). In terms of their wear, I find they’re all very matte, and once they’re dry I can get away with at least 6 hours wear with eating and drinking. They’re not as transfer-proof as Colourpop’s UMs but they’re also not as drying. When they do start fading I find they’re not too bad. There’s no pilling or balling up of product when you go over it. But some days I over estimate their longevity and forget my lipstick at home. My go-to trick is to put a layer of balm on or at least eat something oily and rub my lips together so it’s more of a tinted balm. As for this colour, I bought it because I’ve heard it’s a good dupe for Kylie’s Exposed which I’ve been loving on her lately. 

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Canne

Ditto above, I kind of regret this colour though! It reminds me of my Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Rafinee (or is La Romanesque), but a slightly different formula. These pinks these days are dime-a-dozen. There’s nothing outstanding. 

Soft Matte Lip Cream in AbuDabi

Forgive me here, I actually purchase this shade and Stockholm a while back but never really got around to review them properly! My comment on texture and longevity still stands. This was my OG go-to nude matte lip cream. The undertones are very neutral and is warm enough to not wash me out but not too much that it comes off as peachy. I’ve also noticed that the brush of this and Stockholm are a little bigger, less densely packed, and the fibres were slightly longer. Over all, this made for a less precise application. I tend to use a liner with these. 

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

Ditto above. I barely used this because the colouring of this is definitely suited more for someone fairer and with a peachy undertone. I really struggled to make it work with my usual bronzed look. Giving this to my 'peaches and cream’ friend April. 

Butter Lip Gloss in Ginger Snap

Smooth texture, perfect on top of a brown lipstick or matte cream. Goes so well with Colorpop Grunge. 

Butter Lip Gloss in Madeline

Texture is great, but honestly pretty bummed about the pigmentation. It’s definitely not as rich in colour as I like and goes on fairly sheer. On my naturally pigmented lips looks rather ridiculous. I would dot this on top of MAC Kinda Sexy or Velvet Teddy to give it a more Kardashian vibe but its pretty useless on its own.

Intense Butter Gloss in Chocolate Crepe

One of my favourite glosses, it’s described as ‘chocolate’ but it definitely has more of a dark mauve, 90s colour. Totally wearable, wonderful texture, fades evenly. 

Forever a slave to the (boot) detail

"Forever in love are the observant, forever a slave to the detail” - Halsey
When it comes default footwear of choice, it doesn’t take a genius to workout that mine are ‘black boots’. I have countless pairs of black boots but each have their own little ‘twist’. There’s not a single pair in my wardrobe that’s just a pair of ‘plain black boots’, it’s a gold detail here, clear heel there, metallic toe cap on those. I’m such a sucker for some good detailing, and Halsey’s quote comes to mind. I’ve spent thousands of these, from Acne to Aldo, I’m seriously not able to pass up a pair.
Here are some of my absolute favs (clockwise from top left):
Acne Jensens in grained leather, Missguided suede and perspex boots, Jill Sander equestrian detailed boots, Acne Lomas in smooth leather, Miu Miu metal toe cap boots, Spurr peekaboo lace up boots, Aldo gold mirrored heel boots. 

Acne Jensens in grained leather, Missguided suede and perspex boots, Jill Sander equestrian detailed boots, Acne Lomas in smooth leather, Miu Miu metal toe cap boots, Spurr peekaboo lace up boots, Aldo gold mirrored heel boots. 

What’s your shoe vice? 

Review: Halsey MAC

Incase you weren't aware I AM A MASSIVE FAN OF HALSEY! She's been #goals #inspo #yaaskween since this time last year and when I saw that she was working with MAC on a lipstick I screamed. My screaming stopped when I realised that I'd have to wait 3 months for its release in Australia. I must have watched the promo video a hundred times. TBH I was a little bummed that it wasn't a more 'everyday' colour like a dark nude or something that she sports frequently. When it launched here I waited until I had a code for MAC (I damn well am not paying $40* for a grey lipstick) I got one for myself and one for Dash. It arrived a while ago but I've taken my sweet time reviewing it because I've been so busy lately. 

The colour is a grey-blue, a reference to her track 'Colors' and the finish is a matte. It tastes like cake batter like all of MAC lipsticks which is bazaar, I fully expected it taste like cement. The packaging is gorgeous, the tube is the standard MAC bullet but the outer box is a beautiful blue with Halsey's signature on it. I think the background might be her hair? I don't know, can't tell. 

I'm honestly really impressed with it! The grey isn't as harsh as I thought it would be, it might not be very everyday but I definitely see myself wearing it as a statement. I really didn't expect the colour pay off to be so high either, here's a quick swatch and it's 97% opaque.

The only downside is that there's no liner with it so getting a sharp line is quite the challenge. I'm actually quite surprised about lack of liner because Halsey apparently loved to fill her whole lip in with liner. 

Anyway, I'm waiting for the right occasion to wear this, if I don't I'm just going to rock it to church on a sunday morning. (not even remotely kidding here)

*yes, that's how much MAC lipsticks cost here. 

Bomber + Tee + Jeans

That's my winter go-to outfit this year. In the past my client based office job, my outfits always called for some type of blazer/coat/blouse sitch but now that I'm working in a non-client based role at my new job it's been super chill. There's basically no difference in my work and weekend wardrobe anymore. It's been record breakingly cold this and bless the bomber trend because I am ALL ABOUT IT. I'm not much of a parker girl, I much prefer a coat or straight up Uniqlo down jacket if its a athleisure look but parkers are the 'in between' I never needed. But bombers, they're warm, cropped and roomy enough for layering, so I bought one in every colour (light grey, khaki, black and navy so far). A bomber paired with a nice tshirt, light sweater, some nice denim is a perfect everyday look for me nowadays. I love throwing in a statement pair of sunglasses or a choker that brings the Hadid or Jenner factor.

Bomber: Topshop
T-shirt: T by Alexander Wang
Jeans: Acne Studios
Pumps: Atmos&Here
Choker: My own design
Sunglasses: OnceIt

Winter Skin Savers

Every 3 months, as the seasons change, so does my skin. This means changing up my skin routine. My cleanse, tone, serum and spf was just not cutting it, I had some dry patches on my cheeks and a few spots on my chin. After spending at least 2 weeks researching and tossing up between Korean and French skincare I finally settle on French (largely because DHL lost of parcel from Innisfree). I normally turn to La Roche Posay during winter (Effaclar) but as I was browsing at my local chemist, Avene's Cleanance collection was calling me. I use Avene thermal water sprays all the time in summer so I thought - why not? And bought the whole Cleanance collection. 

I'm happy to tentatively report that I AM LOVING IT. I do say tentatively because everyone raves about needing to give products 2 months (ain't no body got time for that). So far my routine is:

1. Cleanse with ultrasonic facial brush and either Skinstitute Lactic Acid Cleanser or Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleaner (I'm not loving either but I feel compelled to just finish them anyway)
2. Tone with Avene Thermal water or Neutrogena pore refining toner
3. Cleanance Expert followed by Cleanance MAT in the morning or at night I alternate TriAcneal with Cleanance K

In Short:

Cleanance MAT works wonders as a primer for me, it keeps me hydrated but not shiny.

Cleanance Expert works pretty much like LRP Effaclar Duo+

Cleanance K  is a nice mild glycolic (I think it is being phased out from the brand but I find a lot of chemists still stocks it)

TriAcneal Expert is a nice hydrating night treatment wth some derivative form of Retinol 

What are your winter skin savers?

Winter beauty favourites

I used to love winter weather, dreaming of big coats, chilly nights in with mugs of tea and a book, cursing at the first sign of spring. Something changed this year though, we're only 10 days into winter and I'm already "sick af' of these frosty mornings, icy winds and the sun setting before I've left the office. However here are some of my favourite winter beauty 'pick me ups'. When it comes to getting ready on winter mornings, 10 extra minutes under the duvet > extensive beauty routines. 

1. KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Lolita II and Bow'n'Arrow. The most comfortable formula ever, introduced to me by bff Danielle. Lolita II is my favourite 'my lips but so much better' shade, and Bow'n'Arrow is a perfect neutral nude. 

2. Colourpop Supershock Shadows in Lala, Alchemy, and Nillionaire. I am SO lazy when it comes to eye makeup, especially in winter. These velvety, cream to powder shadows are amazing, so easy to wear. All I need to do, is just dab it on lightly with my fingers and blend it out (more likely than not, with my fingers).

3. Dr Brandt Pores No More Primer, my go-to 'over my base' pore filler. It's not 'perfect' but it also doesn't make me feel like I'm just pizza face waiting to happen. 

4. Sephora Long Wear Lip Colour in Petal and Magenta Lustre, a KVD dupe for me, but cheap enough for me to get 'novelty' colours like PINK  and PINKER lol. But honestly, I wore these to Coachella so they give me 'chella memz' and good vibes on bad mornings. 

5. Colourpop Highlighter in Wisp. My absolute favourite cream highlighter, the most natural but 'gleamy' finish. I can even wear this with no base at all and it blends seamlessly. 

6. Glossier Balm I TAKE BACK WHAT I SAID EARLIER. These are actually the balmdotcom, if you can get past the scent. 

7. Chanel Vitalumiere Pressed Powder I've talked about this before I am sure. It's my only 'touch up' compact I've ever used since I finished high school. The most natural finish, with a nice semi-sheer matte pigment that never gets cakey. An absolutely G when it comes to after work-pre going out transformations in the fluro-lit bathrooms. They have sadly discontinued it but it's all good I've got 3 of these hoarded up at home. 

Styling basics: Bandana

Incase you've been living under a rock: bandanas are coming back, in a BIG way!

I love me a nec(k)cessorie, from chokers to ribbons to bandanas, I'm all about it. Of course if you attended Coachellas you'd think they never went away in the first place and you're damn right! You need that bandana to prevent the dreaded 'Coachella-tar-snot' (real life first hand experience with that one). But you don't need to be at a ratchet, dessert, 3 day festival to 'bandana up'!

Bib style

Perfect with a Tee and blazer

Perfect with a Tee and blazer

Girl Scout style 

Chanel brooch not compulsory, you can just do a double knot. 

Chanel brooch not compulsory, you can just do a double knot. 

Asymmetric/Flight Attendant style  

A surprising addition to your office look!

A surprising addition to your office look!

Choker style 

Goes hand in hand with bardot tops or plunge necklines

Goes hand in hand with bardot tops or plunge necklines

These are just some of the ways I usually wear bandanas. But I've been watching  Arielle Vandenberg's Snaps lately and OMG! She's got the greatest collection of bandanas and she wears them with pretty much everything. The (bandana) world is your oyster! I'm obsessed, seriously don't want them to ever go away again.