Review: MUSQ Gel Moisturiser

(Originally posted Sun 31 May 2015)

Isn’t it weird how I spent the whole time in spring in the States trying to find a light / gel moisturiser and as soon as I get back to the last days of autumn in Australia I find the perfect light moisturiser? Anyway, MUSQ is a local natural cosmetics and skin care company. I stumbled upon this moisturiser on Vogues online fashion night, it was described as a aloevera infused gel with Lemon Peel, Juniper Berry & Grapefruit… HELLO PERFECT. Needless to say I snapped it up straight away. I was so pleasantly surprised by the jelly like texture which reminded me of those Japanese gelées that are super popular at the moment. It glides incredibly smoothly and is absorbed at just the right speed leaving the skin moisturised but refreshed. I know that a light moisturiser might not seem like it’s for everyone but those with skin that veers on the more dry side can supplement this with a hydrating serum such as the Dr Dennis Gross Hydration or Radiance booster. The smell reminds me of a nice cup of citrus herbal tea, incredibly refreshing and not at all cloying like some of my other new products. The only downside would be the container. Because of its jelly/slightly slimy texture trying to get the right amount hygienically is a downright struggle. If it came in a pump dispenser it would ensure the freshness of the product, maintain the active ingredients and dispense just the right amount. If the packaging wasn’t so cute I would’ve decanted it straight away into an old pump…!