Review: Chanel Les Vernis

(Originally posted Tue 16 June 2015)

As promised this is a quick run down of the Chanel Le Vernis: I am not a huge nail polish aficionado, not at all. I normally get Shellac every few weeks(CND Dark Lava every time) and a coat of clear polish to tide me over in between. My hands aren’t steady, my strokes are patchy and I don’t really care for going about like human T-Rex, not using my hands for a good 3 hours. However, I am currently growing out my mermaid mane again and am on a steady diet of biotin and supplements. I’m happy to report my hair’s grown nearly an inch over the last month, but one of the side effects of rapidly growing hair is rapidly growing nails. So….. Shellac is not a great option since after about a week following the initial application I have unsightly re-growth :/. This would all be fine normally, except I’m weird in the fact that I hate unpainted nails, and I can’t bare looking at chipped or dented nail polish. Which brings me to having to paint my own nails for a few months. Eugh, how ghastly, I know :p ?! (I’m kidding by the way, I’m just lazy and clumsy)… 

My meagre collection of black, dark red, greige and clear nail polishes welcomed a new friend this week! Previous to this purchase I’ve only owned Sally Hansen polishes, the ‘completely manicure’, because as aforementioned… I’m lazy af and they’re $7! I was really taken by these beautiful neutrals from the new Chanel Summer Le beige collection and decided to splurge a little since I’m going to be fiddling around with them for some time. So far, NO REGRETS! The finish is very smooth, the pigments are full enough for an opaque finish in 2 thin layers and best of all, it doesn’t dry agonisingly slow. I’ve only had it on for a few days and I’ve only got 1 chip and some visible wear on the right index finger… WHICH IS PRETTY IMPRESSIVE considering my IDGAF attitude towards nail care (I type with fervour - regularly slamming the keyboard as I tweet about OITNB, I wash dishes without gloves and the thought of adding a topcoat on every second day gives me shivers). I know, as with many other nail polish brands that the quality of the product differs between colours and finishes but Le Vernis 663 is really good. I can’t say that the $40 will be ‘worth it for everyone but to me it’s quite reasonable. What are your go to polishes? What colour should I get from the range next?