Review: Chanel Summer '15 Les Stylos

(Originally published Thur 18 June 2015)

These Chanel Le Stylos are my new go-to eye products! My favourite makeup artist from Chanel introduced them to me before they came out and I was giddy with excitement and they did not let me down. I am so lazy and honestly…. inexperienced when it comes to eyeshadows, I’ve perfected the cateye flick but applying any sort of colour on my ‘half-mono-half-double-depend-on-how-well-i’ve-sleep-and-how-much-salt-i’ve-ingested’ eyes makes me shut down mentally. So I had pretty much given up on branching out from my usual look (though the Stila palette I was given by Dash on my birthday came with a tutorial book and I learnt its ways), until now! Sarah at Chanel gave me a lesson on how to blend these little sticks of colour and I am SMITTEN. The first time I used these by my self I did an outstandingly terrible job, I looked like I had 2 uneven black eyes. The trick to these little buggers is to blend and work quickly, and by small sections. At the boutique, Sarah used a brush on me but at homes I’ve found my finger works best (even though usually I shiver at the thought of using my fingers). The coolest thing about these is the brief but noticeable ‘chill’ effect when first applied, I’m not sure what it is but it’s definitely what makes it stand apart from the other similar products on the market. I’ve got the Laurier Rose and Caroube shades as my ‘neutrals’ (THANKS ALLYxxxxx) and Olivine as my eyeliner/contrast -  I’ve washed out the picture but here’s a more life like swatch). They last so well, even on my teary eyes and oil skin combo ( I don’t know if my eye lids are actually oil or if I’m too addicted to eyecream….?), they don’t move or crease. I guess I don’t know about eyeshadows enough to implore too much about pigment/finish/all that jazz but to me the finish is satin-y, a touch glittery and they’re pigmented enough so just one swipe of the colour is enough for my taste. The only let down is the colour range, I guess they are ‘Mediterranean’ limited edition but I wish there was a champagne colour or a smoky grey. I might explore some more cream/stick shadows, I’ve been told the By Terry Ombre sticks are good but I personally feel they’re a bit too frosty for my taste, should I go for a Bobbi Brown or Laura Mercier next?