Review: Drunk Elephant Cleansing Bars

(Originally posted Wed 3 June 2015)

I never though my skincare explorations would come full circle and I’d be using a soap bar for washing my face but the good people at Drunk Elephant have made the most amazing facial cleansing soap bars EVER! I first found out about the non-toxic skincare brand Drunk Elephant on ITG, I was intrigued by the JUJU bar, a scrub… in a soap bar form! I’ve always complained about how I wish physical exfoliants were dispensed through a dryer formula than the usual gels or washes. Seemed like it was perfect for me, right? WRONG - they don’t ship to Australia. So I waited until I was over in the states and I visited about 7 Sephoras from NY to LA and apparently none of the stores stocked it. On one of my last days, while severely hungover I made my friend drive me all the way from Echo Park to Santa Anita to one of the only Sephoras that stocked DE. Let me tell you, it was worth it! The cleansing bar is one of the most economical forms of carriers for facial cleansing ingredients, you only need a smidgen to clean your face and it does a pretty damn good job of removing makeup too (not waterproof mascara), I’ve alternated the Peekee (a gentle creamy formulation with blueberry extract, marula oil (the new ‘it’ oil), and honey) and JuJu (gentle exfoliating thermal mud and bamboo powder) for a few weeks now and I haven’t even used it enough to rid the cute elephant motif yet! I can’t say the Peekee is truly a 3-1 formula that is enough to skip my usual 5 step routine but it does give my skin a kind of softness not usually achieved with my other cleansers. I would highly recommend giving these bars a go, even if they’re not as aesthetically pleasing as a gel dispensed from a black and white tube.