"I'm running late!" Makeup

Heres some stats: 
~ time i have to leave the house to get to work on time - 7:30
~ time my alarm is set - 6:30
~ time i spend on instagram scrolling or going through snapchat stories pointlessly – 45 minutes.

Yeah, so that leaves me roughly 15 minutes to get out the door on some days. But it’s ok guys, I’ve perfected the art of not looking like a hot mess at 7:27am. Multitasking products, ahhh yes, ye old BB cream. Not just any BB cream, but Burberry BB (say that 4 times, fast). I’ve tried soooo many BB creams in the past year or 2 but this one is my favourite for looking just perfectly undone and hydrates my skin. But you might have a BB/foundation that you trust and is fuss free.

On busy mornings I use a big ‘blurring/optical illusion/so soft i don’t care about its name brush’ to smear and blend some Burberry BB on areas I really need it (T-zone, a touch under my eyes and around my nose). Then I use the MOST GLORIOUS PRODUCT OF THE YEAR (Burberry fresh glow luminous fluid) in either nude or gold depending on whether I want to look ‘warmer’ or ‘cooler’. This just goes anywhere you feel like you need some PAZZAZZZ. For me I go for a light ‘strobe’ – top of my cheeks, under my brows, in my cupids bow and honestly, I use this as a cream eye shadow. Last and probably most importantly – eyebrows! The Burberry eyebrow stylo is perfectly, the shape fits my eyebrows exactly and I just need a good sweep to get nice defined eye brows. If I have maybe 30 seconds to spare I also sometimes glide the brow pencil on my lash line for a truly undetectable eyeliner.  This step is more for cancelling out any patches where I’ve accentually gotten some base/BB on my lashes or lash line and I kind of have that weird alien look. Most of the time I just skip mascara, there’s no point, my sparse, straight lashes are not worth taming when I’m super short on time. But if you feel inclined – swap out the eyebrow pencil for a dark brown mascara. It can double as a mascara or eyebrow mascara. 

Normally I never have to worry about lips because I have a stash of lip products (coloured and non coloured) stashed in my handbag and my desk at work so I just dab on whatever I want as I see fit. I highly recommend raiding the drug store when they’re having a sale on lip balms or tinted salves, buy half a dozen and just stash them everywhere (just don’t forget to take them out of pockets before you put them in the wash!)