New In/Review: Chanel Rouge Coco in Gabrielle

I had reservations about a non-matte red lip, red lips for my natural pout is already *BOOM* enough, I was worried that a touch of shine might be a little too much but this was actually quite a lovely surprise. 

I walked into Chanel, tired and barefaced after a last minute staycation, (they REALLY had their work out for them LOLLLL) and asked for a full face because I just “could not even”. We went with my usual natural eye, and light strobing, but when it came to lip we had a problem, I was torn between going for a neutral or trying out this new red from the Rouge Coco collection. After much deliberation I went with this punchy little number. I went home feeling a huge pang of regret, I already own 8-10 different red lipsticks /tints /glosses /paints /pencils /crayons /you get the idea and I was kicking myself for being cajoled into buying another. A few days later I picked this up while rushing to get out the door in the morning and slicked it on with barely a glance at the mirror. This left a beautiful, natural looking cherry stain that worked as the perfect pick-me-up( read- distraction) from my un-made up face. Although this doesn’t last as long as my lip paints or matt formulas, I was SMITTEN! 

For a tint-like look, wear this over a light balm (recommend Hurraw raw, coldpressed, vegan balms) and for a more striking look line the lips first with a lip pencil (I went with Chanel Rouge Profond) and glide Rouge Coco over it. PERFECT!