New In/Review: Burberry Beauty

Say hello to my latest goodies from Burberry Beauty. For as long as I remember, Burberry’s classic trench had been my most coveted wardrobe item, and since getting the Kensington last year I’d been wanting to try out some of their beauty products too. I had a few reservations about purchasing as the prices for Burberry Beauty at the department stores here are astronomical. However, a little research and back and fro with Burberry’s HQ lead me to purchase straight from the UK and NAP. And I’m so glad I did because both came with personalised messages and in the case of Burberry - gift wrapping to boot (I’m very used to NAP boxes nowadays). 

First of all, the product I was most eager to try was the Burberry BB cream. I’ve been reading a few reviews of the product and watched a video of Tamira Jarrel using this and it’s honestly looking like the BB with the most luminescent, natural and dewy finish. Turns out… IT IS! It really has the most beautiful, fresh and healthy finish I’ve ever had with a base but my oh my was it sheer. I had to do a lot of spot concealing and layered a pigmented setting powder and I could still very much see my blemishes. I’m not bummed about the product, more so at my own skin. Can’t wait until  my complexion’s a bit more clear and I can just use this to even out the skin tone as opposed to cover imperfections. 

Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base – Nude Radiance and Golden Radiance. These are my new favourite ‘all purpose’ products, I’ve used them as primers, mixed in with foundation, eye colour, highlighter and contour. And they’ve done well in each case, but I definitely prefer using the Golden Radiance as a ‘darkener’ for some of my summer BB creams or as a bronzer, and the Nude Radiance as a highlighter. I know the ‘main’ purpose of these was to be used as a luminescent base but I’m very picky with primers, choosing pore minimising and mattifying formulations rather than these luminising ones which give me a fabulous glow on ‘good skin days’ but highlight my problematic areas when my skin is playing up (which seems like ALL THE DAMN TIME RN). I’ve seen a tutorial with Wendy Rowe where she used the fluid with a powder eyeshadow making a cream shadow, I’ve yet to try that but it does give you that effortless ‘sheen’ when worn on its own (nude radiance on the inner corners and golden radiance on the outer). A little goes a very long way with these and I’m finding that they’ll last quite a while, which is good because they’re definitely on the very high end, price wise.

Burberry My Burberry Gold Glow Powder. I bought this on a whim without doing much research on its purpose or any reviews and I’m not quite sure where exactly this fits in to my routine. It works as a light highlighter but the brush it comes with (about the width of the compact and rather slim) seems too be a bit too big for that and using it as a setting powder makes me look far too glittery. This is mostly due to the fact that I use a lot of luminescent/highlighting/glowing products already and this is definitely too much but if I were to have a hypothetical day where I just wore a BB with nothing under it, this could look amazing. Or if I was going somewhere where I know there would be HD photography (oh you know, when the paps are following me down to the shops again, or coming off my private jet)…. Anyway this is definitely not for those who don’t like fragranced powder as it’s rather heavily scented with ‘My Burberry’; a fruity, girly scent which continues to radiate as it warms up on the skin. Overall the texture is very decadent and velvety, a treat to use… just not sure when!

Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer in Ash Brown: Definitely my new go-to for morning where I’m too lazy to use a wax and powder formula. I can’t say it’s phenomenal in terms of perfect amount of pigment, texture or price but it is phenomenally easy, the width of the pencil fits my eyebrows perfectly and I can get my desired shape with 2-3 strokes. The formula is a little on the dry side which is good for light applications but sometimes I definitely want quite a defined brow (especially when I’m wearing glasses) and I find myself swapping this for my gels still. The spool brush on the other side is fantastic, not at all like the Sephora one I previously had which honestly felt like brushing my eyebrows with a broom stick. The Burberry spool brush is soft and rather on the skinny side I find compared to my others and allows for a lot of control when blending the product. 

Burberry Eye Color Cream in Gold Copper - I don’t want to jump the gun here but I think I may have found my perfect cream shadow. A lot of cream shadows freak me out because having slightly oil lid and hate the added step of eye primer, I’m always paranoid my cream shadow will slip and hover around my chin by 5pm. This ‘colour cream’ has the perfect texture, velvety and just moist enough to be applied and blended with your fingers at 6am or if you’re feeling particularly sophisticated - a brush works too. The colours from the range is quite limited; ranging from nude to darker nude… to a purple-y nude….. to maybe I think they have a pinkish, grey nude? Either way these adhere to Burberry’s ‘no-makeup-makeup’ philosophy and absolute heros for those mornings when you’ve spent too much time contemplating whether to even turn up(but you always do because *drake voice* you’re a good girl and you know it). 

Burberry Kisses in Nude Pink: Unfortunately I’ve actually only worn this once on last Saturday night and I didn’t exfoliate my lips beforehand (I was running late and just threw this in my bag) which meant that this semi-sheer wash of rosy-nude grabbed onto every flake of dead skin and i probably spent more time at dinner biting my lips than eating. It is a beautiful colour, a perfect nude for me since rose/dusty rose is normally a dead match for my lips. It had a beautiful smooth, creamy texture and no detectable scent (for me, but I use Chanel products daily and can handle a lot of scented products). Looking forward to using this with the correct pre-treatment beforehand