Review: Nars mini kit

I am no stranger to Nars products, Copacabana being up there with ‘iphone’ and ‘mophie’ on my ‘take on a deserted island’ list. I saw this cute little kit and I just could not resist!

This kit consisted of a primer, the cult orgasm/laguna set and a translucent finishing power. All products I’ve yet to try from Nars. 
The primer is fantastic, it makes my skin feel a little bit heavy by the end of the day but it’s not so bad I’m clawing at my face by 3pm and it does make my concealing and BB stay put a little longer. It has a light scent but fades quickly and is not really bothersome. The Laguna/Orgasm set was a little bit disappointing, gotta be honest here I’ve been using the ELF $6 dupe for years and loved it. The finish, lasting power and coverage is identical! I feel only a slight pang of ‘cheapness’ when I say this but damn, the ELF dupe is probably even better! Lastly, the translucent powder is beautiful.. so far…. as I’ve only been able to use it once and it was to a movie so I can’t say much about it I terms of oil absorption or lasting power but it did give me that nice smooth look after my make up without any sign of cakeyness. All and all, was it worth it? Hmm probably not considering the size of everything but it did give me the chance to discover some new products!