Review: NARSskin Kit

I am an absolute newbie to Nars Skin, embarrassingly didn’t even know there was a skin care range until I saw these beautiful babies. I am a total sucker for nice packaging and Nars Skin does NOT disappoint with the clean crisp white or clear bottles and black writing I was in flatlay heaven. Aside from the look of these products here’s how they fared:

NARSskin purifying cleanser: I’m totally torn, it is a beautiful creamy formula with gentle physical exfoliants and has a very satisfying lather, but it left a weird kind of residue on my skin, like a very light peeling mask or something. It bothered me so much I’d almost went and double cleansed. 
NARSskin hydrating toner: Not 100% sure about this toner. I know it’s mean to be ‘hydrating’ but it came off as more ‘oily’, I put this on at around 7:30 pm and by the time I was ready to go to bed I already had a slight oil slick! Maybe it’s because I used it coupled with the cleanser which did leave a residue but either way, I think this is one for the ‘give it to mum’ pile.
NARSskin eye make up remover: Does exactly what it’s meant to do, I experienced no irritation or blurred vision what so ever but….. literally the same as a $6 bi-phase eye make up remover. Actually I take back the no-irritation comment, I am irritated by the bottle design - I’ve been so used to pump/mist pump dispensers the big gapping hole atop this bottle was a bit of a nuisance. Maybe it’s just this travel sized bottle but shouldn’t it come with a stopper with a smaller hole in it (does the regular retail size bottle have one?)

As you can see I didn’t have tremendous luck with this. But I think it’s really important to balance out my ‘raving reviews’ with rather frank ones. I’m going to stick it out and used the cleanser and toner for a few more days separately. On the bright side these do photograph beautifully!