Review: Smashbox Trial Kit

I’m an absolute newbie to Smashbox, I’ve maybe had the photo finish primer used on me when someone else did my make up but this was my first ever Smashbox purchase. I bought this cute Halo, Primer and BB ‘trial kit’ from Mecca last week and I have to say I’m a touch disappointed.

First of all, let me start by saying that I did no research when I bought this, normally before I buy any product/item I read about 63 reviews and watch roughly 27 tutorials, unboxings, etc. I had no idea how sheer the BB was, I’m quite used to a heavier more ‘densely packed’ BB, both nutrition and pigment wise and this was just not either of those. It’s not much more than a tinted moisturiser. The primer was fair game, I’d use it before and it doesn’t do anything for me except make me want to scrub my makeup off immediately after I get home. I’m more concerned about pores rather than making my foundation last longer or a matte finish. The Halo was a nice surprise, this is a powder with the perfect finish, which for me means matte but with a slight glow. It’s not too cake-y and offers just enough coverage over the BB. The brush which came with it is also perfectly sized - big enough to not make the task of covering my face laborious but small enough that I’m not getting powder all over my eye brows and eye lashes. I’m glad the kit was nice and cheap because I definitely should’ve done my research and maybe headed straight for a full sized Halo powder instead. Your thoughts on Smashbox? What other products should I try?