Review: YSL Glossy Stain

I gotta be honest here, I only tried this because I saw a YSL Beauty ad with Cara Delevingne wearing this in it….

To my surprise however, this product turned out to be a keeper! The formula is incredibly light, the coverage is buildable, it lasts all day and not sticky at all even after 3 layers (YAY, no hair in my lipgloss)! The best part is how beautiful the stain is even after the shine has worn off, when I first swatched it in Mecca I was shocked to find that inky purple and red stains on my hand even after I wiped the product off. There is however a slight downside - the applicator is a tad too big for my taste and I cannot get a precise application without a Q-tip and matching lip liner. So this isn’t exactly a one-handed, on the go product (stick to those balm crayons if you’re super lazy) but with a little effort this is a long lasting, moisturising, stain - gloss hybrid. Now… if only it was easier to track down the darker burgundy shades here.