Tutorial: S A V E U R S K I N

Absolute saviours for when your skin needs a little pick me up(aka when people start asking “hey, what’s up you look tired?” RUDE! but tru)

Cleanse: NARSskin cleanser, the gentle but effective granules in this makes it a good cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin too much
Serum: Grown Alchemist Detox serum, pat this on while your skin is damp to maximise absorption
Moisturise: Le Jour De Chanel, my go - to layering moisturiser that sinks in matte but leaves me feeling nice and nourished
Prime: Nars Pore refining primer, loving this makes my base last ALLDAY
BB: Burberry BB, I’ve raved about this enough
or Base: Dior Nude Air serum, the most perfect medium coverage foundation on the market, seriously light as air and makes for an even but natural base
Glow: Burberry golden glow fluid, the only liquid bronzer I would touch without a 6 ft pole. The finish is beautiful, dewy but not oil slick and NOT a hint of orange

Go on, go save your skin!