Matcha Drink Base Recipe

It is absolutely no secret that I adore matcha drinks; lattes, iced lattes, smoothies, milk shakes, icecreams or just straight up, I love it! Especially now that I’ve completely quit coffee. Call me ‘basic’ but Starbucks makes the best matcha drinks (Soy grande matcha frap with no cream, and no vanilla, is my go-to order) but since the closest Starbucks is about a 25 minute drive away I’ve perfected this recipe for a quick matcha fix.

To make a 300mls of this green elixir concentrate you’ll need:
3 tablespoons of good quality, finely milled matcha powder*
1 ½ tablespoons of stevia
100mls of boiling water
200mls of chilled (filtered) water

½ teaspoon of vanilla extract


-       In a jug, mix the stevia and the matcha powder with a whisk
-       Slowly pour in the boiling water while whisking
-       Add vanilla if you wish**
-       Chill until room temperature
-       Add chilled water
-       Bottle up and refrigerated for up to a week

Do note that matcha powder isn’t like instant coffee or chocolate, it won’t completely dissolve and some sediment on the bottom is completely fine. Just give the bottle a good shake before you serve it.

Some serving Ideas:
This concentrate is so handy, I normally use about 30mls/2 tablespoons per serve (most glasses/cups in our house are about 300mls).

Cold: 30mls of the concentrate topped with almond milk over ice
Cold: 30mls of the concentrate topped with sparkling water and a slice of lemon
Cold: 30mls of the concentrate, blended with ½ cup of ice and almond milk  (optional -  whipped cream)
Hot: 30mls of the concentrate topped with hot water, a hint of honey, and a few slices of lemon (so good when you’re feeling a bit sick)
Hot: 30mls of the concentrate, microwaved until warm and top with frothed steamed milk (like a latte!)

* Available from good Asian grocers or Japanese food speciality shops

** I personally don’t like the taste of vanilla and matcha together, hence my starbucks order, but a lot of people see it as a good pairing so feel free to tweak it as you wish. Same with the sugar.