Recipe: Bibimbap

Korean food - and bibimbap especially - is one of my favourite guilt free comfort foods. Maybe it's the abundance of veggies or the probiotic benefits of kimchi, but I feel as if I've done myself a favour after indulging in some Korean. Traditional bibimbap is usually a rice dish served in a hot stone bowl with an assortment of veggies a protein and on most occasions, topped with a sunny side up. The presentation is always beautiful and I feel a twinge of sadness whenever I toss everything in together. 

Here I've done a slightly healthier twist on the traditional bibimbap, with brown rice, really thinly sliced lean beef and I blanched my veggies instead of stir-frying. 

I've gone (clockwise) with zucchini, daikon, cucumber, spinach, beef, baby oyster mushrooms, bean sprouts, carrots and kimchi (I put a few slices of kimchi between the veggies and the rice). But any combination of your favourite vegetables and lean proteins will do. I also love doing a vegetarian version of this with grilled tofu. I marinate the tofu in some olive oil, garlic, chili paste and soy for a few hours and sear it in a really hot pan. 

What really makes the dish is the gochujang, which is a Korean fermented chili paste with soybeans. It really gives the whole dish a nice kick and even more vibrance. Again, super packed full of antioxidants and good bacteria! 

Tell me, what's a guilt-free comfort food for you?