New In/Review: Skincare Haul from Asia

I’ve always loved Japanese and Korean skincare so for me, going to Asia and not trying as many beauty products as you can is sacrilegious. In my recent trip this is what I picked up along with a mini review:

Charcoal nose mask – Not the best nose pore strip I’ve ever tried, it cleans quite well but takes so long to harden and leaves a gross gooey black patch if you rip it off too early

Black pearl eye masks – so good, so refreshing, definitely regret not buying these in bulk. I prefer these over those cloth ones any day, because for me, my main concern I want to address is puffiness and dark circles, not lines or wrinkles. So a slowly melting, icy cool gel mask works soooooo much better than serum-y cloth masks which makes me feel even more puffy.

Miniso mascara – OH MY SHIT. Tubing mascara for…. What works out to be $2 AUD? ABSOLUTE BEST BEST BEST! Again, seriously regretting not buying this in bulk. But by the time I found out this was tubing I had already left. I am obsessed with tubing mascara, I’m a crier and I sweat a lot of my makeup off during summer and tubing formula has been a complete, utter, saviour for my eye makeup routine. For those who don’t know, tubing mascaras create a ‘film’ or ‘tube’ over your natural lashes and do not budge at all. They don’t flake, bleed or melt until they come in contact with water where they expand and fall of like little individual lashes (the mascara fibre, not your lashes, duh). They might not give you va-va-voom lashes but they’re great for everyday wear. MAC Opulash, Dejavu Fibrelash and Blinc are some of my tubing mascaras on rotation.

Various cloth masks – I don’t know, for me cloth masks don’t make a huge difference on my skin other than basic hydration, I incorporate these into my routine just to add a bit of decadence. So I don’t have a strong opinion about any in particular. The basil one smells really nice. That’s about it.

Pearl dust powder mask – definitely one of my favourite mask formulas. I absolutely love this ‘mix your own’ way of ‘masking’. This one here is powdered cosmetic-safe clay with pearl dust essence (whatever that is). I do a 1:1 ratio of mask to water and the result is a nice, slightly runnier version of store bought mud/clay masks.

Miniso sheet mask tablets – this ones for all you girls out there who use sheet masks regularly and die a little every time you throw out the left over serum at the bottom of the sachets (ME!) These mask tablets are packaged like candy and they basically soak up the left over serum so you can really stretch the use of your sheet masks. TUTORIAL COMING SOON!

Double eyelid tape – I bought this on a whim after a Michelle Phan video binge and I still have no idea how they work or if they work. Someone come over and help