Review: Glossier Balm x3

Australian IntoTheGloss / Glossier fans rejoice! These cult BalmDotComs are finally available in our fair lands thanks to Net-A-Porter. 

I’ve had about half a dozen NAP boxes and packages come through my door in the past fortnight and this adorable set of the much raved about balms was amongst them. You all should know by now that I am such a sucker for cute packaging and this was no different, I adore the little ciggie like box and I adored the stickers that came with it (I’m secretly 5 years old). But as soon as I tried it on I was hit with a pang of disappointment – the scent is incredibly strong. I don’t normally mind flavoured/scented balms but this was a ‘I can’t quite put my finger on it’ plastic-y, rubbery kind of scent that really sticks around. I never like to give up on products after the first impression so I left it on overnight and indeed I woke up with super soft lips but not much different from Aquaphor. The main redeeming quality of BalmDotCom is its texture, it’s doesn’t seem as ‘gloopy’ as Aquaphor and doesn’t melt into liquid like my Kiehl’s balms do so that ‘moisturised’ feeling lasts longer. The waxier texture also works especially well as a cuticle balm. But other than that I can’t quite justify spending so much on a balm/salve. I know this is a multipurpose balm and you can use it ‘everywhere’ but I’m a serious believer in Aquaphor and I think I’m going to stick with it and keep this as a cuticle balm since I like to use medicated salves on dry skin patches and psoriasis patches. 

Have you tried these? Thoughts?