Spring Staples - Striped Tee

I’ve been trying to suss out my spring/summer transition aesthetic lately and it’s been so incredibly frustrating as we’ve had the coldest spring in decades and it’s totally killing the vibe! We've only had one warm day this month. Most years, by mid-late November I’m all about the skirts, shorts and sandals but unfortunately due to the weather I’m still stuck in my head to toe black, jeans and boots routine.

Striped tees have slowly made their way to being my favourite transition piece of the moment. They’re perfect under a blazer for work or a leather jacket for going out or a bomber literally any other day. They’re my fall – back pieces when I’m out of ideas on how to dress for the insanely temperamental weather

These are just some of my favourites in my wardrobe right now:


I’m pretty particular about the cut too, I love a 90s, shrunken / baby tee throwback, especially one with a high crew neck. Or I like them to be slightly oversized long enough, knotted or tucked into the front of my jeans. The only style I would say I’m not totally into is a deep V-neck. Something about striped V-necks that’s just really boring, unflattering, and frankly - basic . In fact, all medium to deep V-necks and crew-necks are a bit iffy for me. I’m very peculiar about cleave(age), either loads or none, something about just a tiny hint of it that is very unsophisticated. Like you’re trying too hard to fit in with the popular girls in grade 10. Commit to your cleavage ladies! COMMIT! Anyway here are some of my favourite striped tees I’ve combed the net for: