Review Colourpop Holiday Mini Kits:

Tis the season for gift giving fa la la la la la la la la! Every year I’ve struggled with choosing what to get my lovely friends for Christmas. “chocolates?" - too cliché. “perfume?”- too hard to get right.  “candles?” - no unless they’re Diptyque/Maison Marie Louis/Malin Goetz. “DIY gifts?” - too busy. This year it was so clear and simple; I’m getting everyone Colourpop products. I firmly believe in their products, the range is huge and they’re not too costly! I bought a bunch of singles as stocking stuffers but I really could not go past the Foxy and It’s Vintage kits. Both have mini 1/2 sized versions of some of my absolute favourite Ultra Mattes. These mini holiday kits are so perfect on their own or I’ve broken the lippies up according to what colours suit which friends and made little ‘face kits’. 


This kit has been a customer favourite for CP and I see it every few months as a seasonal/holiday offering. And it’s no wonder, as it contains a perfect array of their most popular offerings. Foxy contains Beeper, Clueless, Tulle, Creeper, More Better.  Beeper and Clueless, as many of us would know are dupes of Kylie Cosmetics’ Dolce and Candy respectively, with Beeper a very close dupe and Clueless just a little bit more pink-hued than Candy. I have had both Tulle and More Better has singles, Tulle is a gorgeous rich dark red and More Better is a deep violet tinged pink. Creeper is completely new to me, and I must say I am impressed! It’s a very vibrant red, leaning more towards an orangey undertone and it's very pigmented. Over all, a great kit for anyone who is new to Colourpop.

It’s Vintage

This is one of the new offerings from CP from their fall collection and I would say this is a perfect kit for lovers of vampy lippies. Filled with rich, dark burgundy and a gorgeous nude. The kit contains Bianca, Tulle, Notion, Love Bug, LAX. Most of these shades are new to me and I am LOVING. Bianca is a very true nude, slightly too pale for me but I can see this would be a perfect nude for anyone 1-2 shades lighter than me. Tulle I’ve mentioned above. Love Bug is the most amazing true terracotta that looks perfect on so many skin tones, I’m going to try and keep one for myself hehe. Notion is described as a rich red violet but on me it I would describe it as a rich burgundy wine. Last but not least, LAX is a rich, dramatic dark red that I think looks perfect for the cooler months. 

The size of these are absolutely perfect as gifts for friends who are a bit new to ultra matte lips as the feel of it is a bit strange for some or more of a ‘special occasion thing’ and I should also add that they are the perfect size for throwing into a clutch for a touch up (not that you really need to touch up Ultra Mattes). 

Ok at this point I must admit some defeat, I did not actually get the ‘holiday limited edition minis’. While they were absolutely gorgeous (frosted glass vials with matte black printing!) and contained a mix of both Ultra Mattes and Ultra Satins (HGs!) I bought two ‘batches’ of presents already and I really had to curb my holiday spending as I totally tend to go overboard!   


Kits are awesome, buy them for your friends!