Style changing philosophy

When I was young I thought that having a ‘signature style’ that I stuck to for the rest of my life was key to ‘being stylish’. So from the age of 16-20 I literally wore the same thing in different colours. I loved high waisted skirts, delicate blouses, heels and red lipstick, anyone who followed my old blog would have known that. My so called ‘style philosophy’ was just ‘stick to what you know, don’t try anything new or trendy’. This was especially easy as I made about 70% of my clothes and I had tried and true dress maker’s patterns. But in the past 3 years I’ve definitely had the biggest change in my day to day style, I live in tees, I love a good pair of Acne jeans, and I’ve accumulated a really good collection of sneakers. Sometimes I think “omg 17 year old me would hate this outfit”, but if we lived our lives according to the views of our 17 year old selves we’d be screwed. 

Nowadays my style philosophy is ‘if you can put it on you can pull it off’. I love experimenting with different styles, vibes, brands. Nothing is too ‘not me’. If it’s flattering on me, and I feel confident in it, it’s a good outfit! Some of the items that I'm using to anchor my looks the coming month - OTK boots, bodysuits and wrap dresses/skirts/tops. A 'LA instagram model who may or may not be dating a rapper' vibe.