Beauty Q&A

So this morning I got a LOVELY message from one of my readers with some Qs and I had an absolute ball helping answer them and thought - why not make this a regular thing? ( also lowkey because Instagram DMs have a world limit???!) So ta da! Here we are in my new Q&A series. Feel free to bombard me with beauty, fashion, life, cooking questions however you want to either here (in my Contact page) or on any of my social media platforms! I have so much fun with them and I love dishing advice.

So my lovely reader M send me this and has given me permission to post it here to be answered. 

Ok so first of all THANK YOU 💓. Secondly I totally didn't know how to wear make up either, we had a no make up, no jewellery, and no nail polish rule in high school too. Worst! I had to learn really slowly and by trial and error. I had some realllllllllyyyy bad make up days back in those days! I went and looked at a few #TBTs and yikes, I'm so glad I know the importance of eyebrows!! Anyway, it's fun to learn to apply makeup it's a lot of self discovery too. I think some really good starting points would be: 

Start with good skin care. I had really problematic skin for a long time. I'm talking psoriasis, cystic acne and a bout of cellulitis (on my face which my doctor told me was rare AF) and I can't emphasis the importance of looking after your skin first before you put any makeup on. So I would totally start by looking after my skin first. Have a nice routine, whatever works for you! I personally love Caudalie and Chanel Beauty but I know thats a bit out of reach for everyone. So Aveeno makes great skincare for sensitive dry skin, and Cetaphil is one of my ALL TIME most trusted skincare brand whatever the skin type. Everything of theirs is scent free and incredibly gentle (most importantly, no fuss and gets the shit done!) Mario Badescu also makes realllllyyyyyyy great products for their price range.

(BTW all the pictures are clickable, right click, open new tab and they'll take you to either ulta or sephora!)

Now onto the fun part! Really good 'first' products would be a nice light BB cream or tinted moisturiser, eyeliner, highlighter and a playing with some lip. 

Garniere makes really good BB cream and for a pretty good price as well. They're pigmented enough to cover blemishes but the finish is super natural. Or you can go the mineral foundation way too, Bare minerals makes a really great powder too. I'm not quite experienced with those because I like my foundation to address several issues so I really like Dior nude air skin! 

Eyeliner is one of those things I feel like everyone wears slightly differently. I like a liquid liner and I can create a quick feline flick in seconds but some people like a pencil and they smudge it into their waterline. I would say play around with it and see what works for you. Maybelline, Rimmel and Nyx all make lovely liners that are pretty budget friendly. 

Highlight, I'm obsessed with it. I honestly think everyone should highlight haha! It's a great pick me up, helps you look polished and.... really just brings your face to life on those days when you're just dead on the inside! I have this creme from ELF that I've been using for AGES and it's honestly so great. I also love Becca highlighters, apparently Halsey uses this too? NYX makes a lovely Becca dupe if you don't want to splash out. 

Onto lips! I am a lippie addict but for any newbies I would NOT be spending like $50 on a Chanel lipstick. Colourpop lippie stix/liquid lipsticks are GREAT! The colours are really chic too and they're $5! Burt's bees makes these AMAZING lipstick balms that I swear are just as pigmented as normal lipstick but about 180% more moisturising and easy to apply. Sephora's own collection of lip products are really great as well, go on and just have a play! Seriously swatch colours on your hand and see what 'vibes' you get!

Optional: Eyebrows. Depending on your genetics you may not need anything more than a routine shaping but if you do want to give them some shape this ELF kit is seriously the best. Even better than my Burberry pencil!

Mascara. I honestly believe that everyone wants something different from their mascara. Some of my friends want length other want to add volume but I just care about how long it'll last. So again it's one of those things I would suggest for you to AIDS out yourself. I adore Blinc mascara which mimics the 'tubing' effects of Japanese fibre mascaras. I also really like Maybelline's Falsies effect mascara. But seriously I wish I had extensions 👀. 

At this stage brushes are def not essential, play with your hands!