Back to school

This year I'm headed back to school about a month earlier than usual because I'm taking an extra Summer Intensive subject to make up for all the deferred classes I took off to accommodate my work and semesters taken off gallivanting across the US. I'm actually pretty pumped because I finally get to take a really interesting elective! This subject's about the cultural aspect of food, and the way Spanish, French and Italian food has infiltrated the Melbourne food scene. To say this is right up my ally would be an understatement (actually TBH Japanese, Chinese and Korean food scene in Melbourne would have come slightly more naturally to me but that's not a subject yet -  HINT HINT UNIMELB!)

Previously for me, dressing for uni/college/class had always been easy - I wore whatever I wore to work that day (usually smart casual/blazer/I often was mistaken for a tutor or TA). I used to just go to work, take a 1 hour break, go to my lecture, then go back to the office. However since I'm freelancing now and working predominately from home, I don't think I'm really going to let myself lax into gym gear to uni EVERYDAY (max is twice a week) so I've had a bit of a rethink. I had always been told I dressed a little older for my age and I've predominately disregarded the comments because IDGAF but recently I've started really 'dressing my age' (I hate the connotations behind that phrase) purely because my fashion muses and the people I turn for sartorial inspiration have changed. I'm loving mixing my highs and lows, mingling my American Apparel with my Acne Studios. 

Today I wore my trusty Acne Nada tee, with my favourite skirt of the moment from American Apparel, black Yeezys, my Dion lee bucket bag/backpack. Sufficient to say I definitely blended in but I'm not sure I was entirely comfortable with it.... My blazer wearing days are all but over! 

What are your go to's for school? Or work? And have you returned to school after working? How does it feel?