Review: Colourpop Ultra Matte

When it comes to make up I am an absolute marketer's dream, I've fallen for every hyped product there is. Colourpop is definitely one of them! Since about 8-9 months ago I've been hearing so much about Colourpop and their products from friends, Youtubers, beauty bloggers alike. To give you a quick background:
- Colourpop is a cosmetics company based in LA
- They make really cool makeup for a really low price
- Their most 'famed' product is their Ultra Matte Liquid Lipsticks
- They came into the limelight when they became associated with Kylie Jenner and her LipKits

But the super high postage cost(postage is $20-30USD to Australia, and the products themselves are about $5-8USD) and Colourpop's notoriously long 'handling period' really put me off for a long time. For my birthday my BMF( best makeup friend) and actual BFF Danielle got me some super rad Colourpop products! YAY! So in total, I have 6 Ultra Matte Lips, 3 Lippie Sticks and 1 Highlight. Though today I'm just going to be reviewing the Ultra Matte Lips, the Lippie Sticks and Highlight are coming soon!

Ok in short: I am in LOVE. These Ultra Mattes are amazing. Go get them. So worth it. BUT do your research and look at swatches. I have the colours: Chi and Kae from Karrueche Tran's collaboration, Bumble, Beeper, Chilly Chilli and Stingraye from their main collection. 

This is how I would describe these colours look on me: Chi is a neutral greige-nude, Kae is a rich dark brown, Beeper is a cool toned nude-lavender, Chilly Chilli is a neutral dark plum-brown, Stingraye is similar to Chilly Chilli but slightly lighter and a touch more 'grey' and my favourite Bumble is a terracotta red, what I call a 'non-red' red. All of these go on incredibly pigmented, there've been absolutely no streakiness or blotches and they seriously last. I'm talking about 14 hour wear with eating, drinking, too much talking, IKEA induced sweating and I've not had to touch up. (I've not made out with anyone with these on, if anyone wants to volunteer as tribute?) While I wouldn't say they look exactly the same at 8am as 10pm, there is some fading but it's incredibly even. Also worth noting is that when you do choose to touch up, these do layer beautifully, unlike some liquid lipsticks that start 'balling up' or 'chipping' when you heap on a new layer. I love layering and mixing lipsticks and these are really easy to mix, they take about a minute to dry completely and thats plenty of time for me to either add a dab of this, a touch of that to create some more unique colours or add extra dimension. 

Right now bumble is definitely my favourite, it's honestly a HG for me. I've been searching for this kind of vibrate terracotta that isn't quite 'red' red. I wear red lipstick a lot and it definitely 'SCREAMS' and I tend to tone down the rest of my face to accommodate. But this is just more of a gentle, muted, everyday version of my punchy reds. 

Ok now just to balance out the pros, there are some downsides. For some people these lipsticks are a bit too drying. But for me thats not a problem - I've been wearing Limecrime lipsticks since their launch and I'm surprisingly OK with my lips feeling like the Sahara.

However - my biggest beef with Colourpop UMLL is how vastly different some of these look in the tube vs how they look once they've dried on your lips. All 6 of these look quite different in the tube, but once dried some of these look similar and in the case of Chilly Chilli and Stingraye look exactly the same, and Kae is alarmingly similar (a touch more brown). I would say, when applied, all 3 of these are basically the same. Under certain light CC is more plum, Stingraye is a bit more grey and Kae is more brown. There's no discernible difference to the untrained eye. Also I'm really bummed that Beeper looks exactly like Lime Crime Faded on me! I did rather extensive swatch research before I selected my colours and I definitely got the impression that Beeper was a lot warmer than Faded but nop, once applied they're exactly the same (I did half Faded, half Beeper btw). Perhaps it's my skin tone or how pigmented my lips are but I'm really disappointed at how different some looked on me. 

Oh and I'm selling Stingraye, Beeper and Kae. HMU if you'd like the ebay link!