Basil, maple and lime dressed watermelon

OMG you guys, this Indian summer we're having here on the east coast of Australia is ridiculous! Just last week we were talking about how summer has ended and we had about a week of nice fall-like weather and I even brought an Acne scarf out of storage! But we're back to high 30s (90s F) again and I'm honestly a bit peeved - I was so ready for scarves and trenches!
don't know about your house, but when it comes to hot weather my household consumes copious amounts of watermelon. But honestly watermelon gets a bit boring after a while so I decided to make a little dressing for it. This recipe is inspired by a really yummy dressed fruit salad I had at the Commissary at the Line Hotel in Los Angeles. This recipe dresses a 1/4 of a watermelon but it also works well to dress underwhelming peaches/plums/pineapple or literally any fruit salad that needs a 'lift'. The basil gives it a super beautiful fragrance, the maple adds a little smokiness and the lime juice gives it a tangy-zingy-ness! Perfect for a hot summer day!

- small bunch of basil (about 3 stalks worth if that makes sense)
- juice of a lime
- 3 teaspoons of maple syrup

- grind/mash the basil leaves in a mortar and pestle until you have a super fragrant bright green goo
- add lime juice and maple
- dress cubed watermelon !

This works super well on its own but I've also used it as a cocktail base, blending the dressing and fruit together to make a puree and topped with sparkling wine or spirits & seltzer. 

Stay kewl and hydrated, babies!