A little less black on black x 3

I know I always go the black on black on black on black route when it comes to dressing, it's just so easy and effortless. But recently, I've been challenging myself to wear a little more colour, or even.... just a bit less black on black on black. This is what I wore to one of my classes, it was pretty warm (for April!) so the jacket was pretty redundant! 

I picked this dress up for $2.50, yes you read that correct, no it's not a typo. It was a sample that had an extra label stitched on by accident and wound up in the bargain bin. It's otherwise really well made and super comfy! I've actually picked up a few great pieces at thrift stores and outlets lately. Might document some of my hints and tips on shopping at those places soon! 

Dress: Cotton On, Boots: Miu Miu, Jacket: XXI, Sunglasses: Dior, Bag: Saint Laurent, Choker: Thrifted, Lipcolour: Colourpop Grunge, Highlight: Anastasia BH So Hollywood