Review: Colourpop Lippie Stix & Highlighter

Following on from my last review of the Colourpop Ultra Mattes here are some of my thoughts on the Lippie Stix and Supershock Highlight

Ok first of all the name 'Lippie Stix' is a source of grammatical irritation for Danielle and I: One lippie stick, Two Lippie Stix sounds fine, One Lippie Stix, Two Lippie Stix's? I caaaaaan't. 


Aside from that little pedantic note I am totally loving this lipstick formula! I have Tootsi, Taurus and Grunge. All three are beautifully creamy, glides on my lips and lasted really well. I wore Grunge (apply/blot/apply again) on a super hot day filled with eating and drinking and I only had a touch of fading at the centre of my lips. While they're not like their nuclear bomb proof Ultra Matte sisters, they're also not as drying so there's a little trade off there. I was warned about the weird "off putting" taste/scent of these from a few people but I don't know, I don't hate it. It's kind of like off brand bubblegum or perhaps a 10 cent scratch and sniff sticker? It fades pretty quickly anyway. Now again I encountered the problem of on-screen vs irl shade differences here. Tootsi was a 'for sure' shade on my judging by swatches and videos. Described as a greige with cool undertones, this searched beautiful on a lot of people and I thought of it as the perfect grey nude but on me, this was W A S H O U T C E N T R A L! I looked like the walking dead. I don't know why on a lot of swatches (lip and arm) this looked a bit more peachy? Even in my own swatch it looks warmer? It looked a lot warmer than Limecrime Cashmere in comparative pictures so I'm honestly a bit shocked. Was it my batch? Anyway but I do LOVE Taurus and Grunge.


Now onto my new fav: Supershock Highlight in Wisp. This is definitely my new HG everyday highlight. This doesn't get me GLEAMING like the Anastasia BH So Hollywood or Mac Lightscapade but this glow is so perfect for everyday. But the best thing is that it's soooooooo soft and creamy. Supershock is a suede cream to powder formula that makes blending soooo easy and   the result is always insanely natural. Wisp is my perfect shade for summer but I can tell as it gets colder and my skin colour does back 2 shades I'm going to find this a bit too bronze for me. I can't wait to get Lunchmoney or spoon soon! One thing that everyone's talked about is that you've got to keep the lid on super tight or else it'll dry out. I find that a bit annoying considering that it's a screw top lid. If it was a flip top lid with a rubberised ring for air tightness that'll be so much easier! But damn lookadatglowwwwww

Anyway what are your favourite products from Colourpop? What would you recommend I get on my next haul?