New In/Review: Colourpop Ultra Satin

I had the best mail/parcel day last week when a huge parcel arrived from Colourpop! This was the first time I made an order on my own and I'm actually surprised to say the shipping and handling times weren't as bad as people have said! 

I ordered QUITE a lot of stuff but obviously they weren't ALL for me (although a lot of it was haha) I completely get everyone's comments about how well packaged everything was but what I don't get is why NONE of the boxes for the lippies seem to close properly. At least 3/4 of them had flip tops which were already open when they arrived and at least 1/2 of that seem to NEVER close no matter how I fold it?? Maybe colourpop should consider putting a little dot of tape just to give their products more of a 'quality assurance check completed' feel. 

Colourpop Ultra Satin Swatches

Colourpop Ultra Satin Swatches

I digress, I'm meant to be reviewing the Ultra Satins. Short version: AMAZING. BUY THEM. Long version: I really wasn't expecting any of the Ultra Satins to last very well considering the formula and I watched a few reviews were people did 'transfer tests'. I was pleasantly surprised I wore Echo Park for a 12 hour day and I only topped up once after lunch. And I wore Frick n Frack for a 10 hour day and I didn't top up at all, it faded but incredibly naturally and evenly. Colourwise, what you see is what you get with the Ultra Satins. Where Ultra Mattes were constantly playing a guessing game of "you're purple in the tube but what shade of grey will you dry to be?", all of the colours remained exactly the same when 'dried'. My favourite is a tie between Echo Park and Frick n Frack. Echo Park is a really natural pink/peach-ish nude that surprisingly doesn't wash me out like its Ultra Matte sister. Frick n Frack is basically my favourite MAC Del Rio in a liquid formula, a very wearable dark terracota, and surprisingly a 'my lips but better' shade. 

A slight let down was Dopey. I had actually waited for Dopey to come back in stock to make an order (it had been sold out since the Ultra Satin release), 'dusty mauves' are usually right up my alley but this shade just seemed a bit too pink for me. Something about it just wasn't quite right, maybe it was just my skin tone that day or my lips after a day of swatching. Also, Magic Wand and Echo Park look exactly the same on my arm but on my lips they're very different. Which for me was really problematic when I came to colour selection since on a lot of swatches I tended to be more drawn to Magic Wand but Echo Park being my favourite area of Los Angeles I really couldn't go past it. The problem is probably the undertone of my skin but Magic Wand definitely washed me out while Echo Park worked as a perfect peachy-nude. I'm a bit bummed I didn't get a few more shades now, since this formula is the BOMB!

I also got a new highlighter and tried their eyeshadow for the first time. STAY TUNED!