Winter Skin Savers

Every 3 months, as the seasons change, so does my skin. This means changing up my skin routine. My cleanse, tone, serum and spf was just not cutting it, I had some dry patches on my cheeks and a few spots on my chin. After spending at least 2 weeks researching and tossing up between Korean and French skincare I finally settle on French (largely because DHL lost of parcel from Innisfree). I normally turn to La Roche Posay during winter (Effaclar) but as I was browsing at my local chemist, Avene's Cleanance collection was calling me. I use Avene thermal water sprays all the time in summer so I thought - why not? And bought the whole Cleanance collection. 

I'm happy to tentatively report that I AM LOVING IT. I do say tentatively because everyone raves about needing to give products 2 months (ain't no body got time for that). So far my routine is:

1. Cleanse with ultrasonic facial brush and either Skinstitute Lactic Acid Cleanser or Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleaner (I'm not loving either but I feel compelled to just finish them anyway)
2. Tone with Avene Thermal water or Neutrogena pore refining toner
3. Cleanance Expert followed by Cleanance MAT in the morning or at night I alternate TriAcneal with Cleanance K

In Short:

Cleanance MAT works wonders as a primer for me, it keeps me hydrated but not shiny.

Cleanance Expert works pretty much like LRP Effaclar Duo+

Cleanance K  is a nice mild glycolic (I think it is being phased out from the brand but I find a lot of chemists still stocks it)

TriAcneal Expert is a nice hydrating night treatment wth some derivative form of Retinol 

What are your winter skin savers?