Review: Halsey MAC

Incase you weren't aware I AM A MASSIVE FAN OF HALSEY! She's been #goals #inspo #yaaskween since this time last year and when I saw that she was working with MAC on a lipstick I screamed. My screaming stopped when I realised that I'd have to wait 3 months for its release in Australia. I must have watched the promo video a hundred times. TBH I was a little bummed that it wasn't a more 'everyday' colour like a dark nude or something that she sports frequently. When it launched here I waited until I had a code for MAC (I damn well am not paying $40* for a grey lipstick) I got one for myself and one for Dash. It arrived a while ago but I've taken my sweet time reviewing it because I've been so busy lately. 

The colour is a grey-blue, a reference to her track 'Colors' and the finish is a matte. It tastes like cake batter like all of MAC lipsticks which is bazaar, I fully expected it taste like cement. The packaging is gorgeous, the tube is the standard MAC bullet but the outer box is a beautiful blue with Halsey's signature on it. I think the background might be her hair? I don't know, can't tell. 

I'm honestly really impressed with it! The grey isn't as harsh as I thought it would be, it might not be very everyday but I definitely see myself wearing it as a statement. I really didn't expect the colour pay off to be so high either, here's a quick swatch and it's 97% opaque.

The only downside is that there's no liner with it so getting a sharp line is quite the challenge. I'm actually quite surprised about lack of liner because Halsey apparently loved to fill her whole lip in with liner. 

Anyway, I'm waiting for the right occasion to wear this, if I don't I'm just going to rock it to church on a sunday morning. (not even remotely kidding here)

*yes, that's how much MAC lipsticks cost here.