Review + Swatches: NYX lip haul

Fellow Australian NYX lovers, rejoice! Our favourite American drug store brand is finally available in drugstores in Australia too. Target used to have a limited collection of a handful of products in usually VERY limited colours and finding popular products like the Soft Matte Lip Cream was an absolute nightmare. Not anymore! Priceline has the largest range of NYX products across Australia! And boy, oh, boy, did I stock up….
(reviews below the images x)

Swatches in natural indoor light

Swatches in natural indoor light

Swatches in sunlight

Swatches in sunlight

Liquid Suede Cream in Sandstorm

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS. Buuuuuuuuuuuut, this is the exact same shade on my lips as the KVD Bow’n’Arrow. Exactly the same wear time, very similar texture, and ease if application. It’s definitely the perfect dupe for anyone who doesn’t want to spend twice for half as much for the KVD. 

Liquid Suede Cream in Soft-Spoken

Again with the KVD dupe! I don’t have the OG KVD Lolita, I only have Lolita II so I haven’t had a chance to do side by swatches but judging by swatches online this is dead set a dupe for Lolita. 

LipLingerie in Push Up

Nop. Nop. Nop. Nop. Not one of my good choices at all. First of all, the swatch I did in store on my arm looks very different to how it looks on my lips. On my swatch I was convinced this was more of a warm rose-nude. But unfortunately it counteracts with my yellow undertones and washed me out. That’s not the worst thing either, the texture of this is not ideal. It was sticky but drying. It’s not like Suede cream (below) which while it doesn’t set, it has great slip wears comfortable. With the LipLlingerie, my lips felt tight like when wearing a matte liquid, but at the same time, every time I talked, I could feel my lips sticking. I don’t know if it is just my colour, or this batch but it was definitely unpleasant.  

Soft Matte Lip Cream in London

This formula was my first go-to matte lip cream. Texture wise, straight out of the bottle it is very creamy and mousse-y, the pigmentation varies but most of the time they’re very opaque and doesn’t go on streaky. For some of the shades (especially lighter ones) I find that I do benefit from another layer. That said, my lips are very pigmented naturally (when I wear Soft Spoken, you almost can’t tell I’ve put lipstick on). In terms of their wear, I find they’re all very matte, and once they’re dry I can get away with at least 6 hours wear with eating and drinking. They’re not as transfer-proof as Colourpop’s UMs but they’re also not as drying. When they do start fading I find they’re not too bad. There’s no pilling or balling up of product when you go over it. But some days I over estimate their longevity and forget my lipstick at home. My go-to trick is to put a layer of balm on or at least eat something oily and rub my lips together so it’s more of a tinted balm. As for this colour, I bought it because I’ve heard it’s a good dupe for Kylie’s Exposed which I’ve been loving on her lately. 

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Canne

Ditto above, I kind of regret this colour though! It reminds me of my Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Rafinee (or is La Romanesque), but a slightly different formula. These pinks these days are dime-a-dozen. There’s nothing outstanding. 

Soft Matte Lip Cream in AbuDabi

Forgive me here, I actually purchase this shade and Stockholm a while back but never really got around to review them properly! My comment on texture and longevity still stands. This was my OG go-to nude matte lip cream. The undertones are very neutral and is warm enough to not wash me out but not too much that it comes off as peachy. I’ve also noticed that the brush of this and Stockholm are a little bigger, less densely packed, and the fibres were slightly longer. Over all, this made for a less precise application. I tend to use a liner with these. 

Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm

Ditto above. I barely used this because the colouring of this is definitely suited more for someone fairer and with a peachy undertone. I really struggled to make it work with my usual bronzed look. Giving this to my 'peaches and cream’ friend April. 

Butter Lip Gloss in Ginger Snap

Smooth texture, perfect on top of a brown lipstick or matte cream. Goes so well with Colorpop Grunge. 

Butter Lip Gloss in Madeline

Texture is great, but honestly pretty bummed about the pigmentation. It’s definitely not as rich in colour as I like and goes on fairly sheer. On my naturally pigmented lips looks rather ridiculous. I would dot this on top of MAC Kinda Sexy or Velvet Teddy to give it a more Kardashian vibe but its pretty useless on its own.

Intense Butter Gloss in Chocolate Crepe

One of my favourite glosses, it’s described as ‘chocolate’ but it definitely has more of a dark mauve, 90s colour. Totally wearable, wonderful texture, fades evenly.