Peter Thomas Roth Mask-a-holic Set

I’ve been eyeing off this kit for months! I’ve been hearing people rave about how amazing PTR face masks are left, right and centre. But since they’re all so pricey, each container containing huge amounts and there are so many of them, I’ve been holding off purchasing just one. At first I was considering just getting the Mask Sampler  but I could not find a way to get it shipped to me all the way here on the other side of the world! So when I saw this set  I just KNEW I had to get it.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 5.02.12 pm.png

In terms of value for money you really can’t beat this. I got this for around $70 AUD + shipping and it comes with 5 jars of their most popular masks from PTR and not just tubes but actual 50ml jars! Considering each full sized product is about 150 ml and $60 AUD this was an absolute treat! Especially as I had wanted to try all of the different varieties (maybe except for the gold mask)

I’m going to review all of these individually but I must say, if you’re a mask-a-holic like me, you’d love this kit for multi masking. Each of these masks addresses such specific concerns and since my skin has been such a mixed bag lately I had an absolute ball multi masking. 

I’d admit you look like a right loon(like me) multi masking but it really is super effective to target each part of your face. Here I used Irish Moor Mud on my forehead and areas of concern for acne and pores, under my eyes I used the cucumber mask, around the corner of my eyes I used the gold mask and for the rest of my face I used the rose mask. I used the pumpkin mask the day before but I wouldn’t really multi-mask with it since it’s more of a scrub/peel than a mask. 


The numero uno mask from PTR dare I say? I’ve seen so many celebrities, and make up artists touting how amazingly hydrating this mask is. I have to say I definitely see the appeal! It’s got a lovely smell and it really is incredibly hydrating. I see why so many celebs have this as a pre red-carpet treat but I don’t really rate it higher than Korean sheet masks.

6/10 for the hydration


I have to admit I didn’t use this long enough or on an area big enough on my face to see its effects but I would say it’s got the same effects as the Rose mask, relaxing, hydrating and a nice pre-going out treat. Though I definitely wouldn’t vouch for its detoxifying or clarifying effects because to me…. realistically those effects can only come from clay masks/peel off masks.

5/10 for the cooling sensation 


Another popular one from PTR but I don’t have a wrinkle on my face to test out its anti-aging effects, it seriously feels VERY decadent though. Something about walking around, glistening that makes me feel like a 1920s lady of leisure. I might have to use my mum as guinea pig for proper testing of this, because to me as long it didn’t make me break out or have an allergic reaction I was fine. 

6/10 purely for its decadence 

Irish Moor Mud:

I loved this mask when I first put it on but the removal process was an absolute disaster. There were droplets of black water everywhere on my white counter. I thought this was going to be a peel of mask like most charcoal black masks or at least be able to be removed in chunks but I actually had to wash the gel off. I can’t say it had an astounding clarifying or pore tightening affect but my skin felt great afterward

7/10 it could’ve been an 8 if it was easier to take off


This was a wildcard and it blew me away! The first thing I thought was “wow is this a pumpkin spice latte in a mask form?” it smelt divine! There was a sweetness combined with the earthiness of the pumpkin and spices that seriously had my mouth watering. I’m not even normally a pumpkin spice kinda person! This was definitely very different from the other masks as it was more of a scrub (medium level abrasive) that you leave on as opposed to a gel or cream. I loved the way my skin felt after using it! I will admit I left it for much longer than recommended.

9/10 great for textural issues!

Like I said this is an amazing way to sample your way through the PTR range. I feel like some were doozies but I definitely found the one I love and want to purchase in full size so it did do what it was supposed to. I think a lot of people would LOVE the rose and cucumber masks more than me, just because I personally prefer a sheet mask or Korean sleeping mask for hydration. But hey! GO and test all these out for yourselves!